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it pays to go solar. literally.Thanks to Grid-Tie technology, going solar no longer comes at the expense of your wallet. Installing a panel system at your home or business not only increases your property's value, it pays for itself. And it can pay you too. When your panels are making more energy than you need, they automatically feed the excess back to the power grid, and your electric company pays you for helping them out!

solar homes are worth more.
According to The Appraisal Institute, if a PV system can reduce energy costs by $1000 every year, your property increases $20,000 in value. It only takes a 3kW system to do that in New Mexico, and we install those systems for about $15,000. That means you have an immediate return-on-investment of 133%.

pay it forward.
The math is easy. Your 3kW system costs $15,000, but increases your property value by $20,000. Additionally, it makes you $1000 every year.That's an 8% annual return on investment, and you've paid for all your electricity for the next thirty years.

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