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it pays to go solar. literally.
Solar is here. The government is increasing solar research budgets as it closes down coal plants and halts future fossil fuel projects. Companies like Google and MorganStanley are investing millions of dollars towards solar development. Now you can help too, by leaving coal behind and tapping into the earth's main sustainable energy source.

solar homes are worth more.
Coal is the single largest source of air pollution in the US. We burn over one billion tons of coal each year, making it a deading cause of global warming, smog, sludge waste, and countless chemical emissions. A single coal plant uses over two billion gallons of water every year. Carbon dioxide pollution is the main contributor towards global warming, and coal plants are responsible for 83% of it.

pay it forward.
Reduce dirty coal emissions, reduce nuclear waste, reduce global warming, reduce ozone levels. Gain an appreciation for the huge energy source that we see above us every day. Nothing burns cleaner than the sun.

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